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It's all about gravity, alignment and balance.


We all have those days when things fall into place and everything seems easy: the bus turns up on time, there is no queue at the coffee shop, your boss has stayed out of the office, your 'to do' list actually shortens, and you get a rare chance to have a super catch-up with friends. Like these ideal days, your body functions at its best under optimum conditions: when it is aligned and balanced, it requires less energy to function, breathing is easier, and it becomes more flexible (crucial for ad-hoc gym/bar visits).

Compare this to those (usually more frequent) days when nothing seems to go quite right: you just miss the bus, you turn up flustered at the office with no coffee, your boss is in a bad mood, the printer breaks down, and you end up cancelling dinner. Again. The continuing pull of gravity and the stress of daily life can pull the body out of alignment, gradually tightening the fascia, which you will feel as stiffness, discomfort and loss of energy. Sound familiar?

How does Structural Integration work?


Structural Integration aligns and balances the body by lengthening and repositioning the fascia, allowing the muscles to move more efficiently. It works using the connective tissue system (fascia) which surrounds everything within the body. By 'holding' all the essential bits 'n' pieces in place (bones, muscles, ligaments, organs, nerves, blood vessels etc), fascia gives the body structure, which in turn, allows the body to function. It is clever stuff, constantly adapting to changes in environment and without it, you'd be a useless bag of bones. As structure and function are so inextricably linked, it makes sense to keep the structure in good working order so that it has access to its full range of functions. A bit like a car, really. In fact, most people tend to spend more on looking after their car than they do on themselves.


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