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Welcome to my woo-woo world!

What is going on here?

Hmm...well, it turns out that the universe has other plans for me, besides Structural Integration, and I keep getting (not very subtle) hints to explore these avenues further. My schooling in Hawai'i is mostly to blame for this, with each trip bringing more evidence to the surface, which I can no longer ignore. Breaking my foot was the final straw - I was forced to sit still for months, which gave me (way too much) time to read up on all things woo-woo (you name it, I read it). Don't panic, I shan't be purchasing a unicorn with matching glitter wands anytime soon; the scientist in me is still here, albeit prone to answer questions with a sprinkling of fairy dust.

Whilst I am now out of the so-called 'spiritual closet', this page is just an initial introduction whilst I figure out how to integrate this type of work into my Rolfing life - and indeed this website. An overhaul is probably in order, but that's not going to happen tonight.

Background check, please...

I'm normal, I promise. Looking back at it, I felt things as a child that I assumed everyone else felt, but now I have a fair idea they probably didn't. Not knowing any better, I just ignored these sensations. The rumblings started to become more noticeable for me in 2002, just after my father passed away; they appeared quietly and slowly at first, but have been gathering pace ever since. People and places have shaped the journey, but living in the Hawai'ian energies has accelerated things somewhat.

I spent time with a wahine out there who taught me techniques to balance people's energies. She's quite a special lady, having survived a direct lightening hit 20 years ago. The upshot of a squllion volts passing through her system was an entry pass into the 12th dimension (don't ask) and a direct line to The Man Upstairs. Her abilities are fairly amazing. Despite all that, I let that training slide, in order to focus my attention on the Rolfing.

During my recent recovery, I found a lovely Reiki Master here in London, who has kindly lead me through the original (Dr Usui) trainings again (after a false start with someone else years ago) - she also has a very special, strong channel of energy, which, thankfully, she initiated me with. I am now (literally) buzzing with excitement.

What witchery is this?! 

Relax. None whatsoever. It's just energy. It's everywhere, not just in your kettle or tv. Scientists have known about it for centuries, doctors use it (via equipment), & you can feel it when your boss/child/partner is about to tell you something you're not going to like.... 

In the same way I balance the body at a physical level, the same thing is possible at an energetic level. Although it is invisible to (most people's) eyes, it can be felt by everyone, and moved around where necessary. In fact, dents in the emotional, spiritual and mental bodies are a precursor to the sensation you know as pain in your physical body. 

The coloured blobs in the image above represent the major energy centres in the body, often referred to as 'chakras'. They may look like a tube of smarties nicely lined up in the centre of your body, but in fact serve as points on an energetic 'map' through which all energy flows. When one gets a bit stuck, things go a little off-key in your day-to-day life, so it's worth paying attention to them.

Does it hurt?

Nope. Total opposite end of the sensation spectrum from Rolfing.

Depending on your sensitivity, you may experience some warmth, tingling, or even feel pulses or waves as the energies move through your body. Or you could just have a nap, let it wash over you and pretend you felt everything. Either way, it's all good.

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