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Online energy re-balancing sessions

Hmmmm.......I hear you. You're used to me chatting away before, during and after a regular session of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration. How can this possibly work on the magical interweb? 


Well, my friends, my eyebrows were raised too. However, I have been a slow-burn convert to the energetic world (20 years at an outside guess, 10 of those semi-serious, 5 of those quite serious) and have been thinking about doing something in a remote way for a while, as I simply don't have enough time in my physical practice to look after all you lovely souls and the home visit requests. 


It has taken a few years, several broken bones, a lot of studying, and a global pandemic to force my hand into making something available to you from a distance. So far, I seem to have had a 100% success rate, in terms of reducing or eliminating an issue - a statistic I would dream to keep, but am realistic enough to know I may not.


I have structured it as an initial mini series of 3, loosely following the outline that you're familiar with in my Rolf work, but I am incorporating some woo stuff too that I learned from my lady in Hawai'i. My intention is to re-balance your energy field, using the purest form of light, which will have an effect on your mental, emotional and physical bodies. In real terms, you could feel lighter, looser, calmer, more free, more grounded, more energised, have more clarity on a topic or two - or just up your fabulousness a tad.

FAQs about the new woo stuff:

What do I need for a session?

Your fabulous self, a laptop/ipad/phone with Zoom installed, a comfy and quiet space, a glass of water, pencil & paper. Teddy bears and safety blankets optional.

What does a session look like?

We chat to see what you'd like/need, I explain a bit, then you settle down in peace whilst I work, then we reconvene and share our thoughts/feelings etc. As with my physical sessions, I do try to make things as un-weird as possible.

I've heard of Reiki, is it like that?

Kinda - but on steroids. I think of Reiki as entry-level; I have trained in it and can teach it, but the world has moved on. 

Do you have a special secret magic source then?

Special, yes; secret, no. Anyone has access to it; you just have to learn how - and practice using it.

How does it work?

Everything and everyone is made up of atoms of energy, all vibrating at different speeds, all inter-connected. It's just our 3D reality that makes divisions, ie I am me and you are you. But in higher realms of reality, we are not separate, we are One. You've probably experienced someone calling when you were just thinking of them; well, they 'called' you energetically before picking up the phone.

Therefore, I can help you anywhere in the world just by 'calling' you and connecting in. WIth your permission of course.

I've read too much Harry Potter; do you engage with the Dark Arts?

No. Those that do will get a karmic kick up the bum.

Can you see things I don't want you to see?

No. It doesn't work like that. I'm only concerned with getting your energetic system into better balance, so that your physical, mental and emotional bodies work a bit more efficiently. For those of you I've seen in person, I've seen a lot anyway.

How does the Rolf Method fit it with this?

My knowledge of the human body really, really helps with this. I can do a whole session in a third of the time, plus do extra stuff that would normally be not possible in a specific session, or indeed at all. My 'Light Hands' can do more than my regular ones.

Ok, I'm game. Where do I sign up?

Either on the 'yes please' page under the 'woo' menu - or via the 'book' button on any page.

Argh! But I want one today / next week and there is no availability showing - help!

Panic not. Get in touch and I will see what I can do. I can't magic time out of thin air, but I can see if things can be wiggled around.

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