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What on earth is The Rolf Method of Structural Integration?


It is a manual therapy created by Dr Ida P Rolf in the early-to-mid 20th century, designed to encourage the body to find its optimum structure, in order to make it as functionally efficient as possible. It consists of a basic series of ten sessions, each having its own plan and purpose and  building upon the last, until the cumulative effect of complete integration is achieved. The aim is to give the body the space and freedom it requires to allow you to move with more ease and less pain. It is sometimes referred to by the moniker 'Rolfing'.

How is it different?


Unlike other therapies you may have heard of, The Rolf Method of Structural Integration works across the whole body over ten sessions, not just focusing in on the 'sore spot' for either a single or an indeterminate number of visits. Often, the reason for discomfort can be found some distance away from the source of pain, as the knock-on effects of our ever-demanding 21st century lives take hold. By addressing the structure, it gives the body the space and length it needs to function at its best. This is achieved by working with the fascia, rather than with the muscles or bones directly. The client also has much more of an active and participatory role, thereby retaining control of the process.

Why "The Polished Onion"?

Dr Rolf used the humble onion as a way of presenting her students with the idea of feeling the many layers within the human body. This concept is still taught today. Both onions and humans have a core and a skin, and in order to access the deepest point effectively, the outermost layers have to be addressed first. Practitioners of Structural Integration start at a superficial level and gradually work deeper over the first 7 sessions, gently moving through the layers one by one. After the work has been integrated over the final 3 sessions, most people have more of a glow about them and they seem 'newer and shinier', hence my name "The Polished Onion".

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