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Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words, and 'before & after' shots are the best way to show great results. However, nobody wants photos of themselves, in underwear, paraded on the interweb for all to see. Me included. So you'll have to make do with 1000 words instead. Give or take. Here is a small selection of those kind enough to let me have their thoughts after their 10 series:

John, San Francisco (finance)

I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts in getting me through the entire 10 course series before you left for your continuing journey.  I don't know how long your magic will last, but I can tell you I am feeling as good as I have felt since the start of Covid, which is a huge improvement over how I had been feeling the last 3 years.  I was very fortunate to have stumbled upon you and I will definitely look you up the next time I am back in the UK.

Amal, Dalston (art curator)

After over twenty years of trying all kinds of body work, therapy, massage and spending so much on osteopathy sessions, I still found that pains in my neck and shoulders and knees persisted.  With a regular yoga practice but a busy work life, I felt aware of my body’s needs and knew that overworking was making my pain worse.  I had a one off session of Structural Integration whilst I was on holiday and he encouraged me to find someone who could support me over several sessions back home.  After searching online I found the polished onion website, and I liked the approach Anna had to describing the process of Rolfing.  After my initial sessions she was so informative and helpful and answered any questions I had with ease.  From the first session I felt myself being able to breathe better and I decided to commit to the full 10 Series of sessions over the course of a three months.  I can positively say I have felt a noticeable improvement in my posture and how my body felt after each session. I have also felt release of stuck emotions alongside the physical release.  Anna has also helped me learn so much which I can now remember and utilise in day to day life, I feel so much more aware of myself. Each session so was well thought out and explained in such detail. Anna always made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and i really looked forward to our amazing conversations.  Anna is a legend, not only does she support you with Rolfing but also holistically through her rich experience, other healing knowledge and I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Thank you Anna; you truly changed my life and my relationship to my body. 

Leilani, Queen’s Park (event manager)

I found Anna after trying out a few different rolfers in the area, and let me just say she is the best! Not only is her presence warm and friendly, she is also extremely knowledgeable and efficient with her work. Each week I walked away feeling refreshed and anew. Over the course of my ten series I saw tremendous improvement in my posture, flexibility and mood. Would definitely recommend!

Sophia, Westminster (model/actor)

Anna is very good at what she does, I had a great experience and results, looked forward to each session! I do highly recommend! :))


Margaret, London (office worker)

While I was suffering a severe neck spasm, Anna's treatment was nothing short of miraculous.  She stopped pain that had prevented me from sleeping properly for a week.  She has generously shared her wealth of knowledge as I learn about a new city and a new culture.  It has been a pleasure getting to know her.

Luisa, Kilburn (operations manager)

For years, I had suffered from weekly headaches and was willing to explore any potential remedy. I was recommended to Anna by a friend who had also gone through the ten series herself. Anna possesses magic hands and elbows. Not only has she alleviated my headaches, but also worked wonders on my tennis elbow issue in both arms. Anna was able to manipulate muscles that no physio or massage therapist had gone to before. My posture has also changed for the better and I now walk and sit taller rather than the slouch I used to have. I continue to see Anna for maintenance sessions whenever I feel something is out of alignment. Anna is also a lovely, warm and caring person who makes you feel very comfortable during each session. I highly recommend Anna.

Emily, Maida Vale (optometrist)

I have just completed a 10 session. Anna is fabulous - very professional, knowledgeable and also a genuinely lovely person. Every step of my treatment I felt looked after and cared for. I have an advanced scoliosis and my treatment was adapted perfectly to incorporate my needs. I felt like a new person after I finished and I will be going back for more soon! Thank you Anna x

Rebecca, Lewisham (Pilates teacher)

I came to see Anna after a flare up of long standing back issues left me with some ongoing aches and pains - and I'm so glad that I did. My body feels more at ease, more connected and more comfortable in day-to-day life and in my movement practice. Anna is an experienced and gifted therapist - she approached our sessions with equal measure of compassion and humour which I really appreciated. Definitely, absolutely, highly recommended!

George, Henley  (writer)

Anna is a joy to work with - gentle but firm, kind, funny and engaging all the while present and serious about her work in a safe, reassuring space. I was guided to her through a trusted source I was doing other somatic work with and undertook the series of 10 sessions over a period of 9 transformative months.Trusting my intuition to guide me where I need to go and the body to heal itself of wounds it carries was always undermined by a restless and relentlessly critical mindset clouded by erroneous inherited ideas and cultural conditioning concerning who I am and what I am doing here. Anna really straightened me out. I feel taller and still, more expansive, integrated and trusting that my body can heal itself and guide me where I need to go while allowing the mind to do what it does best - respond instead of react, apply reason rather than judgement. Thank you, Anna!

Chloe, Hackney (charity wizardress)

Undertaking the 10 series with Anna is one of the best decisions I have made for myself in my ongoing journey towards health. Prior to starting the series, I kept coming across accounts of people with a whole host of different issues saying that structural integration had been the key to unlocking many of the root causes they were up against. I have certainly found that to be true when reflecting on my rolfing journey. From releasing a lot of pain associated with past trauma to resolving or greatly minimising muscle and joint pain, the benefits have diverse and extensive (and I am looking forward to seeing how this impacts my health long-term). Anna creates a really safe and caring environment and everything felt personalised for my needs with the series structure. I have been recommending rolfing to anyone who will listen to me!

Simon, Jersey (finance)

Thank you Anna. The series of 10 sessions was amazing. The structure of the program has helped my whole body to function better. Your expert knowledge and treatment are highly recommended and always with a smile.

Liam, Deptford (psychedelic guide & therapist)

Anna is fantastic. Really knows her stuff, is a delight to be with, and I always felt amazing after each of our 10 sessions together. Highly recommended!

Denisa, Essex (IT)

I am a 29 year old female with severe scoliosis. I came to Anna for Rolfing sessions under the advice of my physical therapist. I was very skeptical at first but after a few sessions I noticed a lot of the discomfort had gone and my posture and awareness around it improved! Anna is such a friendly spirit and I think her approach, kindness and dedication were a big factor in me deciding to continue with the treatment after 3 sessions. At the end of it, I am glad I did and I will be returning for one time sessions here and there!

Sara-Louise, Surrey (sonographer & energy healer)

Where to start…. Life changing. Amazing - I could go on. Having spent nearly thirty years with debilitating back pain I am now pain free! I wish I had known about Rolfing, and in particular Anna’s Rolfing, thirty years ago because my life would have been very different and I would have had spent a lot less on therapists and certainly not taken as many painkillers. Her care and ability to read your body was rather astounding and I heartily recommend her. I have tried literally every treatment out there and can say it is the best money I have ever spent. I am so glad to have found her and this technique. She is an amazing healer and one who should be on the NHS.

Adrian, Greenwich (finance)

The ten series with Anna was really transformative. The differences in my posture and in the way I move have been really noticeable, and the improvement in my mental health likewise. Heartily recommend Anna’s magic hands!

Hannah, Tower Hill (accountant)

I found Anna in the midst of a period of despair caused by my rather bad scoliosis. I had been after something that would help to release the tightness and stickiness caused by my scoliosis, with the hope of improving my posture and reducing pain. Anna did just that! Having completed the ten series my body feels a lot happier and it is SO much easier to hold myself in better posture. Anna is also a generally lovely and caring person who made every session comfortable and enjoyable despite the intensity of the work. Although my scoliosis will never be resolved, I am so glad to have found Anna and will most definitely be back for some 'ironing out' sessions!

Lory, Marylebone (athlete)

I recently completed the 10-series with Anna. She is fabulous - both in her technique and as a person. I really appreciated the personalization of each session as well as the overall series. She got to know my physique and what my body needed. I had never tried rolfing before and I'm amazed at how it 'lifted up' my posture and made my body feel more alive. As an unexpected surprise, my rather enlarged and uncomfortable fibroids decreased in size during and following my rolfing series. I have had them for years and the only change I had made during this time period was rolfing! Anna is a gem - talented, focused, caring, and authentic.

Alexis, Hampstead (writer)

I just finished the ten series with Anna. And... the vice-like grip on my neck and shoulders is released. I'm shocked to find it easier to stand with my upper body unfurled in spite of a multi-year practice of cocooning inside myself. I feel (dare I think, even look) a couple of inches taller. These and a number of other positive changes have come on gently and steadily. The final effect feels both miraculous and somehow inevitable. The ten sessions flew by and were always enjoyable. And not only because of the body improvements, but thanks to Anna's wonderful energy and delightful chats. Couldn't recommend enough!

James, Barbican (interior designer)

Anna is an incredibly gifted individual who has transformed my body. She is just the right level of tough and I always leave lifted both physically and mentally. She is a dream find!


Burkhard, Notting Hill (CFO)

Absolutely fantastic experience. Since I went to Anna regularly I am no longer stiff, have had no back pains at all and feel at least one foot taller!

Dee, London (IT)

I came to Anna after a long road (2+ years) to recovery following a severe leg injury - despite all the physio appointments and home exercises I'd been doing nothing felt right and I still had regular pain. After the first session I was completely convinced that Anna was someone I would like to undertake the 10 series with. She is highly knowledgeable, flexible to your schedule, really listens to what you need and an absolute delight to spend time with. I strongly recommend you book your first session with her and I'm sure you'll be equally as amazed at the difference she can make to how you feel.


Melanie, Barnes (property)

I recently completed a 10 series with Anna and found the whole process immensely uplifting and refreshing. Whilst some of the treatment process can be a little painful, the outcome at the end of every session was that my body felt taller, relaxed and balanced with aches and pains banished. I felt lighter and free-er and and altogether looser.  The effects last for a long time. I would highly recommend having treatment with Anna who is extremely good and practised at what she does. She is a glowing example of Rolfing and I think everyone should try it.

Matt, Herts (finance)

I had never tried rolfing before but after completing the ten-series with Anna, I am a lifelong convert. The programme has left me with hugely improved posture, significantly reduced stiffness and pain, and a feeling of being more relaxed and comfortable in oneself. I have more energy, have seen improvement in my sporting performance and have even noticed a material reduction in my persistent headaches. Anna is professional, highly effective and passionate about her work. She put me at ease from day one. I'll certainly be returning!


Cathy-an, Wimbledon (Pilates teacher)

I have recently completed the ten series with Anna and am a little bit taller, lighter and more flexible. My muscles are far more differentiated and I feel them individually rather than as groups when I exercise. More importantly, I understand better how different parts of my body fit together and how to ease aches and pains when they arise. Anna is a lovely person and I would recommend the investment.

Matt, Japan 

I had the pleasure of getting my essential ROFL sessions done by Anna on a trip to London. I reached out to a few instructors in the area and she was the first to reply. She made it easy to meet her and worked with my hectic schedule. I could see from the emails and sessions that she’s very compassionate about her work. She really cares about you, listens thoroughly and understood what necessary therapy was needed. I’ve used 3 different instructors in the past, and she was by far the best. I highly recommend Anna for all your ROFL sessions. Thank you so much Anna!


Anna-Kay, London (dancer, model, actor)

If you want to invest into your health, physical body alignment and posture Anna Collins is the women to see. Not only she amazing at what she does but her warm, welcoming and open energy will make you feel at ease and comfortable to undertake the 10 series. She tries her best to always accommodate your schedule and works for you and your life. The treatment rooms in which she worked in where clean, nicely decorated and comfortable. My treatment not only helped me physically also help e unlock some mental and emotional blockages. I am grateful for the time spent with Anna and very happy I made the decision to invest. Make yourself health a priority and go see Anna today. You wont regret it!


Graeme, Wimbledon (director)

Anna is skilled Rolfing practitioner and lovely person. I have very poor flexibility compounded by poor posture from year of keyboard bashing. Over the 10 sessions Anna released the tightness in my lower body and shoulders enabling a more upright posture with more space in my lower cavity to breath deeply. Anna is very empathetic and continually seeks feedback to tailor each session to best effect. I stumbled into Rolfing via a recommendation with some skepticism but having experienced the benefits. I would highly recommend.

Caroline, Bermondsey (accountant)

I would highly recommend the 10 series with Anna and I absolutely agree with other reviewers regarding Anna's magical touch. Whilst her touch is both wonderfully strong and warm, what makes her rare is the ability to make a lasting difference with a gentle touch. I came not primarily with a specific physical problem, but a general interest in the treatment and in exploring and caring for the body that is the only thing we really have and always will have with us in this life, for better or worse. To me thinking about it from that perspective, the 10 series is well worth the financial and time commitment. The sessions were all interesting, some brought the most delightful feelings of lengthening and lightness and I walked out of the treatment room feeling taller than I ever have. Others brought intense sensations from long held tightness being released - the mouth massage! Though ultimately, now, about 9 months after the sessions were completed (sorry for the very belated review, Anna!) what has been most striking to me are the changes that have come about in my life in general. Changes I perceive of as having come about from having the body made orderly by Anna's touch. They were first physical, then emotional, then allowing changes of perspective which have lead to a much changed life altogether 9 months down the line. None of which would have been imaginable to me 9 months ago.

Trish, NW London (retired)

I have felt in much better shape after my 10 sessions with Anna. My body seems to fit together as it should whereas before my sessions with Anna I felt all out of kilter. She reduced my pain in my hip, eased my stiff neck, less stiff in the morning when I get out of bed and general well being improved. She was also a pleasure to deal with. Seems expensive but well worth the money.

Alex, Kent (massage therapist)

I came to Anna having had Rolfing recommended to me by a therapist to help me deal with trauma and the effect it had had on my body. And boy did Anna deliver! As well as releasing emotional trauma held in different parts of my body during, and after, our sessions, my body relaxed into a more aligned, less stressed posture. My mobility has improved massively and I have less back pain - and I now know how to deal with the back pain that still remains! I’m so grateful to Anna for her work and her lovely energy :)


Abby, East London (business owner)

What can I say about the wonderful Anna! Not only did Anna help me physically but also Anna had an amazing affect on my mental health. I had recently been through huge trauma before starting the ten series with Anna and she has literally changed my life. Thank you Anna, you are a wonderful human being with the most magical healing hands. If anyone is considering having this treatment, DO IT, but only do it with Anna, she is the best....

Nicola, Southend (writer & healer)

I had heard of the physical and emotional benefits of the Rolf Method and was not disappointed. The series dramatically improved my posture and greatly reduced the appearance of my abdominal bloating - which was exacerbated by my poor posture. I feel that this process really helped me recover from the physical toll of pregnancy and then carrying a baby around for a year. The pains and tensions that had started creeping into my back have now gone. I can notice that I'm now taller than people I thought I was the same height as. I stand and walk taller and am more aware of what's going on in my body. It also helped me progress in my personal relationships.

Mollie, Spitalfields (ex-GB athlete and model scout)

Where to start... I came to Anna 6 months ago in a total structural pickle and chronic pain worsened by 2 bouts of meningitis. I had tried osteopathy and other treatments but had found them to be too aggressive. I was skeptical of the Rolf Method, but had reached the end of the road with treatment options (which is probably how most people get into Rolfing...). Before starting, I considered going to a cheaper Rolfer but I am so glad I didn't, Anna has been worth every penny. After 14 sessions with Anna, my body (and mind) are totally unrecognisable. Anna has made me feel comfortable, and let me natter and offload all my problems on her whilst she's straightened me out :)

Lisa, Spitalfields (PA)

I’ve had amazing results with Rolfing when I lived in Los Angeles and now that I am living in London I wasn’t sure I would be able to find anyone as good BUT Anna is by far the best Rolfing practitioner I’ve ever worked with. I definitely have my fair share of agitating sports injuries and work and life experiences have rendered aches and pains which don’t seem to get better on their own. I have tried the usual roads of massage therapy, osteopathy, and chiropractors – but nothing ever seemed to alleviate the pain or permanently solve my issues. Rolfing has definitely changed that. Anna is a very good listener and because Rolfing may be a new experience for you she will answer your questions with an amazing amount of knowledge. She takes on everyone’s aliments as a challenge of her own and she will sort you out!

Ryan, Hackney (film & tv)

I went to Anna while sick with Lyme disease and suffering a great deal from muscular aches and general inflammation throughout my body. While the first two or three sessions were difficult for me, being ill, as the sessions continued I found that my odd aches and pains slowly abated, and my energy levels increased considerably. After the full 10 Series, I can honestly say that the difference in the way I feel is miles from where I began. I feel inches taller, with a spring in my step, and for the first time in months my back pain is manageable (sometimes even nil). Rolfing isn't a cure-all, of course, but by the time you're done, you're left wondering why you didn't have it done years ago. Beyond her manual work, Anna is also kind and flexible and generally lovely. I highly recommend her practice to anyone with odd aches and pains, bad posture, or general sluggishness. Athletes in need of full-body conditioning will probably also find her work helpful (I am a triathlete and could have used this in training!). You won't regret it.

Sara, Globetrotter (nursing professor)

I travel internationally full time, and need massage and Rolfing regularly due to many longstanding body mechanic issues. I have had the opportunity to meet a few Rolfing practitioners along the way... I am so happy to add Anna to my list, she is one of the best. She was so accommodating and easy to schedule with, and even easier to work with. She is a fantastic listener, appreciating all my input, and really does intuitively know what corrections are wanted/needed. She provides great background to the Rolfing process if you have questions, and I can not encourage anyone enough to try Anna if you are having body mechanic issues. Looking forward to passing through London again!


Jo, Hertfordshire (Pilates teacher)

My 10 series with Anna was fantastic - she is a wonderful practitioner and made me feel incredibly comfortable throughout. My body has felt freer and much more balanced since the completion of my sessions with her. I would highly recommend this experience!

Suzanne, Bermondsey (solicitor)

Working with Anna was something of a revelation for me. As somebody with various issues going on in my body and a pretty stressful desk job, I have tried lots of different therapies and treatments. Many of these help with movement and relieve pain but I find that the results were temporary. My sessions with Anna on the other hand really feel as if they have 'stuck'. One session in particular made me feel so tall that I felt like a Giant walking to the Tube afterwards! Added to that, Anna is a pleasure to spend time with. She is such easy company and I genuinely looked forward to our sessions together.


Jonathan, Belgravia (MD, retail)

Thoroughly enjoyed my 10 sessions with Anna. Not only did it help to address some niggling issues I have had for years, I also learnt some things I didn't know about my posture and alignment. I will be returning for regular 'top ups' and would highly recommend Anna and Rolfing, not just as a solution to persistent issues, but also as part of an integrated approach to general well being.

Nicola, Kent (solicitor)

Anna is simply amazing. I recently completed a 10 series and not only experienced huge improvements in physical conditions which had been plaguing me for some time (aches and pains, the result of a life time of slouching and long hours at a desk, completely gone) but also and unexpectedly I found a huge increase in mood and confidence and better able to communicate where previously I might have felt reluctant to speak up. My posture is vastly improved and I would simply say I felt more comfortable to occupy my space! Added to which she is fabulous company and a wonderfully kind, warm and funny person. Will definitely return to see her again.

Janet, Acton (social worker)

Even though the sessions were intense, at times with flare ups a couple days after, I feel much more aligned and spacious, which has been noticeable in my yoga practice. Thank you for offering an environment to let go of some sticky bits! Update after a subsequent session…. thank you so much. I’m still not sure how the treatments can be so effective but I was able to do things in yoga I haven’t done this month and no pain or tingling this morning, so many thanks once again!

Orla, Islington (lawyer)

I first went to see Anna to see if she could help with my frozen shoulder. My first session produced amazing results: she was able to “unstick” tissues that hadn’t moved properly for over a year!  It was a huge relief and I quickly signed up for the complete 10 series for a full body MOT! It was a great experience and I would recommend Anna to everyone: she brings a real warmth of character, kind and empathetic insights and clear expertise.

Avtar, Woolwich (nurse)

Thank you for all the TLC, received whilst undergoing 10 sessions of rolfing. I felt really relaxed and treated with upmost reverence for the body temple. Sat Nam.


Asha, Brixton (IT)

Anna is an asset to the city of London. One of the best ladies I have worked with. Absolutely amazing sleeps and releases after the sessions and the series. To top it off good, honest and charming company. Well done Anna for mastering your trade! x


Sarah, Farnham (mum)

I came across Anna whilst in Thailand. I thought I would give one session a go as I had suffered with lower back pain for years; my body was really tight and just not functioning properly - an ache here, a pull there, and pain all over the place. After the first session I felt great; much more balanced so I continued to have the full 10 sessions. I’m sold on the treatments - it works for me. I’m not saying it’s a cure for all but for me - I feel great!

Iain, California (IT)

Anna is an incredible person, professional, and highly trained ROLF practitioner. As someone who has tried a wide variety of different doctors, I can say with confidence that Anna has the EQ and IQ necessary to fix most ailments related to the body and will do so in a manner that ensures her patient's comfort and long-lasting health. Best value for money that I've ever spent on medical treatment. My friends and coworkers actually commented that I stand taller after a handful of sessions. I would highly recommend Anna's services, as well as encourage patience when waiting for the results - the whole 10 session treatment is key!

Min, Chiswick (mum)

I highly recommend Anna for Rolfing in London. I feel lucky to have found such a highly trained, dedicated, and experienced Rolfer convenient to me in London. I come out of every session more relaxed, better aligned, and lighter. Thank you, Anna!

Brandon, Islington (IT)

As a lifelong athlete I’ve had my fair share of body work, but nothing compares to my experience with Anna. I pursued Rolfing with Anna primarily for general aches and pains resulted from poor rehab of former shoulder and ankle surgeries. Since these injuries were from 5+ years ago, I had low expectations for the “results.” After recently finishing the full 10 sessions I can honestly say that I have a new body. I stand taller, feel more comfortable in my skin, and wake up feeling fresh. On top of all this, I gained a lifelong friend and discussed interesting and thought provoking topics for hours.

Ash, Pimlico (banker)

I finished the 10 session course with Anna and I learned a lot about my health and body. Despite being plagued with lower back pain which meant I had to stop running, I was able to participate in a race after only 5 sessions! It was very interesting and also quite helpful in improvement in posture and alignment.

Marina, Highgate (artist)

I had a 3 year history of discomfort on the left side of my pelvis and I had seen several practitioners from other disciplines. I have now completed 10 sessions with Anna and I have noticed that my feet are more solidly planted on the ground. I do feel more stability in my posture, I feel better aligned, and I have discovered a new found sense of gravity; it is a feeling of sensing the weight of my body as I am standing or sitting. I have noticed that I am more aware that I make small adjustments to correct my posture, as I have a better sense now for what a ‘right’ or comfortable posture should feel like. Anna is a warm and welcoming person and made me feel totally as ease in myself. It has been a couple of months since I had the course of 10 sessions and I can still feel the effects.

Emily, Islington (director)

Anna was a miracle-worker in unexpected ways. I originally came to address a dodgy hip (she helped!), but I would never have guessed that she would radically improve a painful bunion or c-section scar, as well. She has the intuitive and engaged manner of someone passionate about their work, making Anna a joy to be around. Sessions always left me feeling more aligned and grounded, both physically and mentally. I completed a session of 10 and will not hesitate to return for tune-ups, as needed. I would - and do - recommend her highly.

Andrew, Shoreditch (lawyer)

Anna is a phenomenal body worker and an all around lovely human being. I went in to see her after a decade of nagging aches brought on by a decade of too much running followed by too much sitting - and just an inkling of what Rolfing entailed. I completed a ten series; the experience was really eye opening, and Anna was a great guide through the process (which was marked by very gradual, but very pronounced, progress, from session to session). I am looking forward to returning to iron out any kinks that reappear.

Richard, East Dulwich (retired)

I took a course of 10 Rolf Method sessions which I really enjoyed . At the end of the series I felt much more rejuvenated, relaxed, my posture improved and I even grew 1 centimetre. I thoroughly benefited from the experience and would recommend it.

Rebecca, Maida Vale (PR)

I worked with Anna through the Light Centre in the City, completing the full series of 10. It's been transformational. What were a series of sports-related and overuse injuries and 'sticky' hips from a desk job have all been, somewhat miraculously released! It's made my posture better, my performance in sporting pursuits better and I'm much more comfortable in my body. The added benefit of clarity of mind and associated benefits of being better aligned, I feels have been felt in other areas of my life. Anna is an absolute joy to work with and not only do I highly recommend her, but I will also continue to work with her.

Despina, Aldgate (nutritional therapist)

Thank you Anna for taking me thru the journey of our 10 rolfing sessions in the last few months! Due to my sitting (at a desk job) all day and various issues with lower back and knees throughout my life - these sessions have been so therapeutic for me. They really help me feel more aligned, taller and stronger each time! I also feel improvement in my digestion and I find that your work really compliments my exercise routine in keeping me healthy and within the fat and muscle range i work towards. My body works so much better as a UNIT every time i come see you. Your kindness and gently disposition also reduces my stress and anxiety and aids in better sleep and relaxation. Please keep doing what you do!

Alex, Muswell Hill (shipping)

I contacted Anna slightly dubious but open minded about Rolfing, after the technique had been recommended to me by a couple of friends. I had a very persistent issue with my neck as well as a general concern about my posture and alignment as I age and as the effect of working in a desk-based job gradually accumulate. I’ve now completed a 10 series and loved every session. Anna has a very nice way about her, putting you at ease and explaining the technique in as much or as little detail as the client wishes. After each session I carried the benefits of feeling more balanced, both mentally and physically, for many days and now we are nearly a full month after the 10 series my neck problems seem to have completely been resolved and I remain able to be mindful of my posture and alignment day to day.

Georgie, Clapham (director)

Following hip surgery a few years ago, I had been experiencing a number of secondary issues in my hips, knees and back and decided to try Rolfing. Anna has a holistic approach to her work, focusing on both the physical and emotional states, and did wonders to release deep set tension and alignment issues - particularly in my hips. By the end of ten sessions I felt lighter and brighter. Anna is also incredibly warm and engaging and I’d be delighted to recommend her. Thank you Anna!


Cherie, Westminster (lawyer)

I really enjoyed my 10 sessions of Structural Integration and Anna really made a difference not only to my posture but my overall wellbeing.


Andrea, Belgravia

I have just completed my ten series with Anna and found it to be a tremendous release for long-held tension in most of my body. I would often walk out of a session feeling taller, straighter and with more space to breathe. Anna is a great therapist of this incredible therapy, which should be more widely known.

Gilbert, Clapton (artist, musician, producer)

Anna embraces a truly holistic approach to her work, enhancing and uplifting physical, mental and emotional states, which contribute to an overall sense of well-being.  In our modern and fast paced world we can carry tension in our bodies without realising it.  This can lead us into a cascade of detrimental posture and alignment that alters the health and balance of our nervous system.  Anna helped me develop an awareness of my alignment dysfunction and the physical systems of my body.  This resulted in a balance of energy within and therefore less tension.  Writing in the 5th century BC, Hippocrates, the reputed "father of modern medicine", stated that a successful physician must be experienced in the art of "rubbing".  Anna has taken her art and made it her own.  An art that nourishes the body, mind, emotions and the soul.  Highly recommended!

Liz, Docklands (director)

I completely and utterly recommend a series of Rolfing sessions with Anna. I had the ten series with Anna over a 10 week period. I have had Rolfing before but the first session with Anna was still a revelation. During the session, the feeling that someone (me) was pushing my head down and hunching my shoulders, stopped.After ever session I felt taller than before and more aligned. I love Anna’s playful and professional approach. She is someone I always look forward to seeing, even though she would likely be helping me discover muscles that I didn’t know existed, let alone were tight.

Meryl, Dulwich (director)

I contacted Anna because I had been experiencing quite a lot of pain and was beginning to feel that there was inevitability about losing mobility as I aged. I felt a difference after my very first session with Anna, and by the time I had completed the series of 10, I no longer had the nagging pain in my hip that had hindered my exercise routine. My neck and chest felt more open and I was standing taller. I could actually see the results of the ten series in my stance and posture.Anna is a lovely open person with lots of positive energy. I enjoyed every one of the sessions with her.

Jo, Wimbledon (biographer)

Thanks to my ten series of structural integration, I feel lighter and more balanced when I walk, and my breathing has improved. Anna is a lovely person to do this work: I just wish I’d contacted her sooner!


Mila, Belgravia (super mum)

Anna is a brilliant therapist. By applying relevant pressure in key areas she was able to release deep-seated blockages on different levels. Her technique was particularly effective on my central nervous system.

Adria, Holland Park (HR)

Treat yourself! Give your knotted, tired body a chance to relax and rejuvenate through Anna's healing touch and understanding of your body. She's a masterful practitioner and can unlock and open your tightest places. Every time leaving her studio I felt longer, lighter and very relaxed. I opted for the 10 series, which is a fantastic way to take the body section by section and find any/all lurking issues, one at a time. Anna is great at investigating and discovery. I'm sure there's not one person who wouldn't benefit from this program, but given how active I am and how regularly I abuse my body with punishing workouts, the systematic undoing was a terrific way to release. Anna came highly recommended by a close friend and I wasn't disappointed. She is warm, knowledgeable and very attentive. Tell her what's wrong and she'll get to the bottom of it.

Jill, Hackney (director)

Anna has helped me, not just with an overall head-to-toe MOT, but also to become aware of some of the bad habits and patterns that had tied my body up in knots. With time being in short supply, it was also super helpful to be able to drop in with Anna at her various locations dotted around central London.

Lauren, Bow (production manager)

I decided to try Rolfing after years searching, often fruitlessly, for an effective treatment for my various aches and pains that I’ve accumulated over the years, partly down to hyper-mobility syndrome, but also bad habits. After each session with Anna I felt more balanced, more content in my body. It felt like I was re-learning how to carry myself, and my posture improved each time, like a reset button had been pressed.


It’s been a few weeks since my last session with Anna and I’m still so happy with the results. Whenever I might feel a familiar ache and pain threaten to creep back in (mainly down to me getting lazy with my posture), I know how to correct my posture and nip it in the bud. After spending more money than I care to think about on treatments that have either been short lived or ineffective, I am so happy to have discovered Anna and Rolfing. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Plus, Anna is a lovely soul to be around, making you feel at ease as soon as you arrive for a session.


I’m already looking forward to coming back for another course of the 10 series next year, just to keep me topped up!  

Jerome, Notting Hill (graduate)

Since my initial 10 sessions with Anna, my whole bodily experience has improved immeasurably - recurring pains have disappeared, my sporting performance is better, and I have grown a couple of inches. I highly recommend giving it a go, plus Anna is wonderful company!

Hilary, New Cross (medical secretary)

I chose Anna because she had trained with the protégés of Ida Rolf and I expected she would be the ‘real deal’, which was soon confirmed.  She has such an easy professional manner and puts you at ease immediately.  During the course of the 10 sessions I was noticing many improvements in all sorts of areas, as well as improvement of the specific physical problems I had arrived with.  However there was a huge added bonus which I really hadn’t expected in that I noticed an increase in my self-confidence (which I hadn’t thought I had a problem with!) to the extent that I found I was relating in a much easier and more positive way with people, and a couple of previously uneasy relationships are much improved. I am planning further sessions, as I can see no reason why there shouldn’t be further improvement and consequent health benefits. Thank you Anna!

Yasmin, Edgware (lawyer)

I felt in very safe and highly competent hands with Anna during my first ever ten series. I have scoliosis of the spine and spend long hours hunched over a desk so had quite a few kinks in my body that needed to be ironed out. The alignment of my legs is notably improved as I no longer lock out my knees and am more mindful of how I stand in general. After one session in particular I was amazed in my next yoga session to find a freedom in my body that enabled me to hold a wheel pose with ease and technique for much longer than usual. Moreover, Anna is delightful company and the sessions flew by.

Yosma, Belgravia (writer)

From the moment when I had my first session with Anna, until the last, 10th, session, every time I entered a new space within myself that I felt needed treatment, which, thanks to her caring and valuable work, could finally be released and restored.

Kate, Earls Court (manager)

Anna is incredibly insightful, calm and makes you feel very comfortable. Her approach is structured yet she allows a unique focus on each individual and the ability to modify as needed. She's made a significant difference in reducing my daily back pain.

Meredith, Stoke Newington, (project manager)

I saw Anna because I had ongoing back pain. She had been recommended to me by a rolfer I knew in Canada who had done their training at the same time. The recommendation was glowing and was, it turned out, entirely deserved. I committed to the series of ten sessions, and I found that both my physical body and my postural tendencies were re-booted. I received intensive adjusting bodywork, and I also learned e.g. to get up from a chair or bend down without taxing my back. So, I not only had my back pain alleviated, but left with the tools to keep it alleviated. I look forward to going back, but I haven't needed to yet!

Helen, Notting Hill (horticulture)

Structural Integration (‘Rolfing’) with Anna gave me a whole new body. I walk easier and feel lighter. Anna elbowed (yes, it is normal for the elbow to be involved) and stretched the tissues under my skin releasing all sorts of tensions, stress and trapped emotions. The session 7 of the 10 series was my favourite. Anna works on the face and it really gave me a younger looking appearance! I could not believe it. And by the end of session 10 my whole body felt younger and fresher. I am sad the 10 series has finished because each week I felt more alive! Nevertheless, the body needs time to integrate all its new information. I continue to feel good. And I will be going back to Anna for realignment of specific areas. It has been such a pleasure and extremely enlightening to experience Structural Integration with Anna.

Ngaire, Essex (compliance officer)

I push my body to the limit with HIIT sessions, running and team sports. When I started getting repetitive injuries and lost faith with physiotherapy, I came to see Anna for “an MOT”. During the process, Anna released tension I didn’t know I had. I have completed my 10 sessions and I can continue doing the exercise I love to do without injury. Result!

Mia, Chelsea (writer)

Anna is a very intuitive practitioner, dedicated to continuously learning. After my ten Rolfing sessions, I experienced a noticeable lengthening of my torso and more balance between my left and right sides.  I also had great success with her scar treatments, which after only two sessions had achieved better results than costly laser treatments.

Natalie, Perth (manager)

The 10 series with Anna was a great experience. Really helped with my alignment, released a lot of tension and improved an old shoulder injury.

Maureen, Clapham (banking)

Anna's sessions give your posture a great boost.  Found out I was an inch taller than I thought I was!


Brenda, Thames Ditton (accounts)

Anna is brilliant, I had a problem with my right hip which she corrected and I am now able to walk considerably faster.

Adrian, Wimbledon (trader)

Practical, informative and a wonderful human being. Thoroughly recommended!

Niki, London (barrecore founder)

Anna's sessions are extremely powerful at unwinding the body's tension and releasing chronic unhealthy patterns. After each session, I have had subtle freedoms in movements that have left a dramatic effect over the series of 10. I will continue to come back for more top ups and plan to do a 10 series every year.

Audrey, Melbourne (business adviser)

The medical "establishment" told me that I'd have to live with the numbness down my leg and foot.  Seven years later I found Anna. The 10 series of structural integration has resolved my condition and proved the experts wrong.  It's great to feel my leg and toes again.  Thank you Anna!

Ariana, SW London (aged 10)

Mum: “Ariana loved every minute of her treatments and felt very much at ease with Anna! Her posture has improved greatly and we look forward to more treatments.”

Louis, North London (retired GP)

I had been suffering from low back pain with muscle spasm for about four months, which restricted my mobility and affected my mood. I had seen various body therapists and was no better. When I went to see Anna, although she made no promises beforehand, after only three sessions the pain had gone. By the end of ten sessions in which every fascia and muscle in my body had been Rolfed, with my structure reintegrated and my posture sculpted I was back to normal activities including potentially back-stressing gardening. Anna was always, polite, friendly, thoughtful, professional and competent. I am more than happy to recommend her. Thank you Anna. I’m most grateful.

Elaine, Limehouse (consultant)

As well as standing much better, I found working with Anna got rid of a lot of 'niggles' I'd had before as well. I no longer get any shoulder pain when I run, which I could never work out the cause of! I'm much better at presenting at work as the series has helped me stand taller and I feel a lot less constrained and restricted. I actually struggle to stand badly now I've finished the series!

Olivia, Clapham (fashion)

I had nothing ‘wrong’ exactly, but at a time when I had been working on my fitness and personal wellbeing (words you would not normally hear me utter!) my brother recommended Anna. I was a little sceptical but thought I would give it a go. I had no chronic issues to deal with but my posture was poor and as a result I had regular lower back pain that I just couldn’t shift. I know some people talk of a wow moment after session 1 but I don’t recall that; in my case, I just started becoming aware of my body and the way I held myself up without consciously doing anything differently. Whenever I started to slouch or slump it was as if my mum was there telling me to stand up straight. Now I feel uncomfortable whenever I do slouch.


After completing the 10 series I would (and do) recommend Anna to everyone I can. Apart from the fact that I am now officially 5 ft 6 inches, (no longer 5’5”!) I just feel comfortable and easy in my body. My ability to train has improved, as has my flexibility. Most notably though my body shape has changed because my posture has improved and that niggling lower back pain has gone. When my 10 series came to an end I was sad, Anna always makes you feel comfortable and I will miss our weekly chats – although I know I will be back again soon!


Sacha, Central (finance)

Having just finished my 10 session series, my body is looser, more balanced and moving much more fluidly. Though I didn't have any chronic pain beforehand, I did suffer from recurring tightness, very average posture, a physical (and probably mental) feeling of being closed/compressed, and was subject to a lot of twinges in my upper body.  My series with Anna has improved all four of these things very considerably as well as given me more awareness of my body and its movements.


Emilie, Greenwich (banker)

Anna thank you so much for your amazing treatment, I had no idea how much I needed it until you started. My right leg turn out is 90% improved, I am walking and sitting taller and my whole body feels more relaxed and aligned. I felt so great after my last session. I am sad they are over, but I will definitely be back!


Eleanor, Ascot (volunteer)

Over the course of my 10 series with Anna, I noticed a lot of small component changes in my body that have made a larger, positive change in my life. Physically and visibly, my shoulders are at a more even height than they were at the outset and my whole body feels less amiss in daily activities. I have unintentionally lost half a stone in weight since starting the series with Anna, and although there may have been other stimuli for this, my mindset regarding health and nutrition has certainly become healthier over the series. Rolfing can be physically intimate, but Anna’s affability and professionalism make it a good experience. You are certainly able to laugh about the pain (I speak for myself!) with Anna.


Michelle, London (marketing)

I’ve suffered from lumbar spine pain for the last six years, which got progressively worse; resulting in a torn ligament on one of my discs. After weeks of sleepless nights due back pain I decided to get in touch with Anna. My sister had completed the ten sessions and raved about the positive effects. Over the years, I have been to see physiotherapists and osteopaths, but nothing has worked as successfully and lasted as long as the Rolf Method.


When I first went to see Anna, even my untrained eye could see how unbalanced my body was. The first session was the most impactful for me - I arrived in a lot of pain and left feeling like a new person. Over the ten sessions, Anna worked on correcting my entire body from my jaw down to my toes. At each session she would check on my progress - any improvements/deterioration and personalise her approach based on my feedback. At times the treatment was quite painful but nothing unbearable and I found that deep breathing really helped me with any discomfort.  I have recently completed my ten sessions; my back and general posture is significantly improved and I feel I am now in a position to build my strength and get back to exercising. 


Anna has such a great energy and is wonderful practitioner. I cannot thank her enough, and would highly recommend seeing her!


Deborah, Wimbledon (IT)

I decided to take the 10 series after picking up a flyer in my local exercise class. At the time, I was suffering from lower back pain and pain in my hips, and I was intrigued to see if the Rolf method could help with these. From the first session, my body felt more open. The sessions were sometimes a little painful, although nothing unbearable, and the result was always worth it. Much of the pain in my hips has gone, and generally my body feels less tight. More than anything, it made me think about my posture, and to become aware of some bad habits that have formed over the years. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Anna and the Rolf Method.


Jaime, West Norwood (consultant)

Having just completed my 10 sessions with Anna, I would recommend this to anyone. Anna's work has left me feeling more balanced, aligned and self-aware physically and emotionally. I came in with some pain in my feet and twinges in my lower back from time to time, and I am so pleased over the course of the sessions that my walk/gait has changed due to Anna's healing hands  - no more pain or twinges! My husband has even commented on my improved posture and shape. The sessions are transforming and have been evolutionary to my well-being! 


Marianna, Greece (designer)

Ten sessions with Anna have transformed my body dramatically. I can actually see the changes as well as feel them: my waist is more defined, my breathing expanded, my legs straighter, my shoulders have opened out. A low level chronic pain in my hip has disappeared and I literally have a new spring in my step! I feel as if I am walking about in a whole new body.......


Ceire, Bucks (student)

Having a session from the ten series can be like a visit to the spa- sometimes I fall asleep ha! In the past I was never able to release tension in my muscles, no matter how much stretching or rolling I did. I had tried everything from western to holistic therapies, but it was only after the first session of the ten series that I gained noticeably more space within my own body in which I could move into and relax. As a result of this my chronic back pain slowly disappeared throughout the series, leaving me much more mobile to get on with day to day life and enabled me to return to exercise!


Aymeric, Earls Court (finance)

My ten series with Anna was a great experience, and on top of being relaxing, it really helped to improve my posture. I would definitely recommend it.


Alyson, East Grinstead (PR)

I read about Anna and ‘Rolfing’ in a Sunday supplement and was intrigued – it felt like it could be something that would help me – a problem foot (bunion and hammer toe), tennis elbow and other weird symptoms at the age of 51 had left me feeling ‘out of sorts’! As someone who is health conscious and does lots of exercise I don’t like feeling out of control of my body. Anna is a lovely lady who is very passionate about what she does and is very good. I completed the full 10 sessions and can honestly say I feel better aligned within myself and with a greater understanding of my stress areas/weak spots, plus a lot of the symptoms have gone or been eased.


Christiane, Notting Hill (spa)

My Rolfing with Anna was such a great experience. For someone who has back issues from back surgery years ago and tight hamstrings I really got a lot out of my treatments.  It is not the most relaxing treatment ever, but the benefits outweigh what is being done at the time. I feel way more mobile, flexible and loose in the joints then before. I have a better stance when I stand and walk way more in line.  Each session was different and targeted different parts of the body. Anna is a great therapist and really explains what she is doing and trying to achieve to help your body reach its goals for wellness. I would highly recommend her and I hope to have more work soon.


Emma, Clapton (gardener)

I completed the 10 series, and, if you are wondering if it's a good idea, don't hesitate. Go for it! It is money and time well spent. There were times after a session when I felt alive yet very loose and relaxed - this usually carried on for a good few days afterwards. Overall, I am standing taller and am generally more comfortable in my body. Don't think of it like a good massage that feels great but doesn't last. I can remember laughing my head off after one session as my feet were pointing upwards when I was lying down and they always splay out to the side - she actually changed the physical structure of my legs!! Also, I have noticed positive physical changes in the way I move plus learnt about some of the habits I have that aren't particularly helpful and ways to change these. What's not to love about all that? I can't recommend Anna enough - she is extremely talented and lovely to boot. 


Megan, Belgravia (banking)

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration 10 series has helped me to overcome a chronic injury due to years of cross-country and marathon training. I have also become more aware of the causes of aches and pains in my body, which help me work through issues before they force me to take time off in order to heal.


Karen, Sunbury (manager)

It felt like quite a big step trying something outside the normal physio route, but Anna was very approachable, explaining everything she did as she did it, and removing any stress of the ‘unknown’. On starting the course of 10 sessions my body felt tight – lots of tensions. As the sessions progressed I realised there were even more tensions and tightness that I had just learnt to live with and did not notice anymore. It is hard to describe the change after the sessions – everything feels properly connected and moving one thing does not pull another thing; it is as if someone has unravelled a knotted ball of string and all the threads are now aligned. The biggest revelation was the release of tension in my mouth and neck  - an immediate impact and as I write this I am moving my jaw around revelling in the feeling. A session with Anna is no relaxing hour lying on a bed; sometimes it did hurt (always bearable) and there were some sessions that made less individual impact than others, but the overall result was impressive. I will definitely be having refresher sessions if I feel the tensions returning.


Suji, South Woodford (lawyer)

I should start this by saying I don't really do hippy stuff, and in my mind, this fell into that category. I was introduced to Rolfing by a friend, who'd experienced it in Hawaii, and, as someone who's had an unfortunate year with knee surgery and a ruptured Achilles, she thought that this might help me.  Whilst I was seeing a physio and having regular massages, these primarily focused on the injured areas. I was at the stage where I'd try anything, so went along to see Anna.  Anna is lovely and throughout the 10 weeks she's definitely became an integral part of my life and I miss not seeing her. I wasn't expecting half of what happened to happen, and if you just want a 'relaxing' massage this is not for you but during, and after, my Rolfing sessions I feel considerably better. Since seeing Anna, not only have I started exercising again and have more energy but I seem to have a bit of a more positive outlook. Now I can't say that this is purely down to the Rolfing, but I think that the changes to my body have made a difference to my mind.  I would like to end this by saying I still really don't do hippy stuff, but Rolfing has made a real difference to me... and I wasn't expecting that.


Pat, Surrey (management)

A big ‘Thank you’! The Rolf Method, as so expertly carried out by Anna, is definitely to be recommended. It should be lauded. I can truly say that following the course of ten, the pains previously experienced no longer exist. My body has been realigned and my posture and stance greatly improved. The treatment was of benefit and the relief experienced was great. Friends have commented on the change. Once again, thank you.


Janis, Essex (administrator)

I'd been having problems of misalignment on the left side of my body - despite several years of practising yoga and visits to an osteopath. Rolfing was mentioned to me while travelling in the US and Anna was recommended as I live near to London. Anna was very professional, caring and knowledgeable and honestly has achieved great results getting my body working without restrictions. I started with the recommended three sessions and was so impressed I continued to finish the course of ten. Moves in my yoga that had been a challenge are now flowing without the awkwardness.


Carl, Surrey (investment manager)

Following a cycling accident, where I injured my shoulder, I was struggling to get back to full fitness. Over the course of the 10 sessions I have seen a real difference in both my bike handling ability and my leg strength. Anna encouraged me to focus on specific elements, which in isolation make little difference, but as a whole have helped me make meaningful progress.


Belinda, Battersea (investor relations)

After months of feeling drained, sluggish and generally a bit ‘broken’, with a host of niggling aches and pains that had started to manifest themselves with increasingly regularity, I stumbled across Anna and decided that the Rolf Method might be just what I was looking for. Physically, I noticed a difference after only my first session; I was less squashed. Over the course of 10 sessions I started to feel much ‘freer’ and less scrunched up - a bit like I was being untangled. I was also much more aware of my body; I had a better understanding how any crookedness or tension in certain areas would affect the rest of me – and this meant that I could consciously try to straighten myself out when I noticed it. Early on I also started to feel less ‘frazzled’ and much more energetic and active (with an unexpected but pleasant side affect being that my clothes became a bit looser). Although there were a few occasions when the treatment was a little painful or uncomfortable, this was fleeting, and as I could feel a difference in the area being worked on almost immediately I knew it was worth grinning and bearing it. I’ve now recommended Anna to so many of my friends and acquaintances that I just hope when I want a ‘refresher’ session she’ll have space to fit me in!


Laura, East Dulwich (tax advisor)

I had suffered from a reasonably consistent low level of lower back pain and discomfort for around 12 years. I was reasonably fit, healthy and sporty, but almost constantly suffered from this niggling problem. Initially I was resistant to this 'new' idea of Rolfing, partly if I'm honest down to the cost of the treatment, and partly as I was concerned it would just be yet another route that didn't achieve anything.  However, having just completed my '10 series' with Anna, I wish I had explored it when I first came across it 3 years ago.


Although certain elements can be a little uncomfortable, I found the pain/discomfort when it occurred was almost therapeutic/releasing in its own right. My body is significantly better and the improvement is appearing to have a longer life to it than anything else I have tried before. I genuinely feel as though my body has been 'realigned' and generally operates better as a unit that it has done for years. The sessions have helped to deepen my understanding of my body, my well-being, my alignment, and has made me better able to anticipate and react to any signs of my body becoming imbalanced again.


Anna is a fantastic therapist. She strikes a very important balance between professionalism and friendship. She is immediately likeable, speaks openly and honestly, and is clearly very good at what she does.


I would highly recommend to anyone with any long-term pain or discomfort to at least give it a go with Anna. I would also add that I hadn't seen any marked long lasting changes after the initial 3 treatments I undertook and I thought long and hard about whether to continue. I am so pleased I did. Now my only problem is that I miss my sessions!


Amelia, Bayswater (director)

Rolfing has been a great discovery for me. I never thought that you could re-educate your posture and rebalance your body structure through massage. The first benefit you get from your introduction into Rolfing is the awareness on how your body becomes a mirror of your emotions and stressful life. Anna has a very special and caring way to drive through a very rewarding journey. She became somehow my soul and body therapist.


Chris, Fulham (boat lover)

I am still not sure why I decided to try Rolfing (Structural Integration) but I am really happy that I did – and that I found Anna to take me through the process.

Anna is a master at what she does and was great at putting me at ease and explaining what she was doing (also a great conversationalist when I felt like chatting, but also happy with silence when I didn’t).


I finished the series of 10 with her just before the Christmas break. Starting slow, with the first three session to try it out, then going all out and finishing the series by having two sessions a week for the next three and a half weeks. As the sessions progressed, I had a clear and steady sense of my body becoming more effortlessly upright and lighter. With each session my posture improved and I felt healthier and looser. My neck and shoulders, which I’ve had trouble with for as long as I can remember, feel more supported and less clenched. It’s odd, but despite no individual session standing out in terms of immediate improvement (though the one where Anna stuck her finger in my mouth will be hard to forget), the overall effect is fantastic. Each session brings some benefit, but it is the cumulative effect of the 10 sessions that seems to really make it worthwhile.


I feel better than I have for years. I recognise much more quickly when I'm over stressing any part of my body and can correct for it. I enjoy stretching, exercise doesn't feel like an imposition and I feel stronger. A nice added bonus was that while I noticed improvements in my posture and movement, others noticed other changes in me that I hadn’t and kept asking if I’d lost weight or been going to the gym (which they never had when I was actually going to the gym or dieting).


Now that the holidays are over I am looking to schedule some top-up sessions just to help prevent me falling back into bad old habits – it could become addictive!


Caroline, Camberwell (illustrator)

Dear Everyone, I have just completed the 10th session with Anna.  The experience I have had was excellent and one I took a little time to embark on.  Anna has a wonderful personality, sunny and bright and that really helped propel our success.  A fun, kind and gentle young woman who took my slightly lop - sided body and muscular aching left hip on with dedication.  I am 52. I feel a lot taller, more elegant, slimmer and more ready to now build up on this new found energy in this coming year.  It was a treatment, where over a few weeks, I felt the aches and pains shift and decline.  I even bought myself a simple sparkly dress for Christmas as I felt a new me! Thank you Anna for knocking 10 years from my shape.  I definitely feel freer and look better too. Thank you so very much.  Caroline


Katarina, Stratford (sales rep)

Anna is a total pro at what she does. Her friendly nature put me instantly at ease and her thorough and methodical approach helped to completely alleviate the lower back pain I'd been suffering from. I'd highly recommend Anna's services anytime!


Emma, Surrey (facial & massage therapist)

As a massage therapist, I was aware that my body was in desperate need of a fine-tuning. My lower and upper back was hurting, headaches were frequent and I just felt wonky. In 3 sessions my body felt like it was becoming part of me again; I was aware of the adjustments taken place and could feel a positive movement from them. After session 5 I had no complaints of 'achy' back, and after the tenth, my body feels in line, more mobile, and generally free of pain. This treatment has been highly beneficial for me and I can't sing Anna's praises enough.


Anna, London (journalist & editor)

I had assumed my skeleton, my bodily structure to be fundamentally 'mine', unchangeable and, alas, unimprovable. Those quirks of movement and posture, those habitual aches and pains, those physical asymmetries, they were all a part of me, and so were there to stay. How wrong I was. A course of Rolfing with Anna proved to me that you can be remade; that you can stand permanently straighter, walk and sit better, shake off old niggles, ancient irregularities. It is what is around our skeleton that matters, our fascia, and that it can be 'Rolfed' into genuine, lasting change. A transformational experience.


Upneet, Oxford (property whizz)

Anna is a thorough professional. If I were a certifying organisation, I would give her the Rolfer of the Year Award, without hesitation. In my opinion, rolfing benefits the body a lot, and Anna is the person to get it from.


Cathy, Kent (freelance medical pa)

I think this treatment must be one of the world’s best-kept secrets and Anna certainly has the magic touch. She has changed my life so much, even from the very first treatment right through to number ten. I am slimmer, taller, more flexible, definitely lighter and have so much more energy. Even my breathing has improved by 150% and I have never had any difficulty in that respect. I am not asthmatic and rarely even catch a cold, but my lungs have so much more space inside to breathe and my stamina has improved so much. I can run around a Badminton court with ease now and not even get out of breath.  It may sound strange but I also feel less stressed, so much calmer and happier.  I was in a suit of armour and each session Anna peeled the layers off, which made me lighter and gave me more freedom and flexibility to move.  The treatment can be a little painful at times but it is a good pain, if that makes sense, you can feel it working and doing you good.


On top of that, being insulin dependent diabetic for over 40 years my injection sites felt matted, to say the least and very solid. Now like the rest of my body they are soft, easy to touch and my skin bounces back, so much so that my blood sugars are even better controlled.


This treatment is phenomenal and as for Anna she is “simply the best.” She made me feel at ease from the first time we met and any worries or concerns completely disappeared. You can have one session or the whole ten, no pressure whatsoever and she definitely has the ability to know where the problems are.  I cannot thank you enough Anna and I will certainly be back.


Demetra, Greek Islands (retired)

I have had Rolfing in the United States and in Greece and Anna is the best Rolfing practitioner I have experienced. My eighty-year-old body feels like it is renewed and refreshed. It's like I have a new body. Many thanks, dear sweet Anna. I shall always cherish the memory of this experience. I am happy to recommend you to my twin sister, and I know she too will benefit from your attentions and skills.


Greg, Sydney, Australia (portfolio manager)

Had one session of the Rolf Method of Structural integration with Anna whilst in London on my way to the World Life Saving Championships in France. It really helped release a lot of fascia tension that had formed around my legs, hips and lower back due to an injured left knee as result of previous meniscus tear. I felt considerable improvement with less pain over the next few days and came first and won a gold medal. Thank you Anna!


Caroline, Camberwell (illustrator)

I have had 3 sessions so far and am excited to carry on!  No pain no gain but this is really the truth.  What have I noticed?  Well I’m a bit thinner!  Seriously, as well as walking more upright, my tennis is stronger, I feel better and I am looking more relaxed; I have even had some compliments!  Mental benefits as well as physical ones - that is ideal.  Thank you Anna.


Mary, Wandsworth (investment manager)

I thoroughly enjoyed my ten sessions and definitely feel the better for them. I’m much more aware of my posture now and have acquired some corrective tips to practice daily, particularly important as I sit at a desk for many hours each day. Exercising now feels easier and even on a recent ski trip, I didn’t suffer the same leg aches and pains that my friends were enduring at the end of day’s skiing! It was a pleasure meeting Anna and she is very knowledgeable in her field. I’d recommend both Rolfing and Anna to anyone and I certainly plan on going back for some top up sessions in the future.


Yael, Finchley (yoga bunny)

Having never heard of Rolfing before I wasn't sure what to expect. Although I had no injuries, I do practice yoga everyday and could feel some misalignments and tight areas in the body.  Those spots all felt softer afterwards and there was noticeably more space. After my first session I went straight to yoga class and felt a definite increase in my range of movement. Anna also gave me tips on alignment and walking. Since completing the 10 sessions I am much more aware of my posture. I would definitely recommend Anna, as she has a strong touch and gracious manner.


Georgia Coleridge (super healer)

The rumours are true! I am definitely taller: I have been 5'8" and a half inches all my life. And I am now 5'9" - extraordinary. Though perhaps this is not surprising, as I always feel that there is much more space and light in my body after each of our sessions. Most importantly, the permanent background ache in my hips, which 20 years of yoga and ordinary massage couldn't sort out, has been alleviated by your magic hands. You have such a good touch (you seem to know exactly which spots in my body need work) and are such a nice, interesting, friendly person - the sessions really have been a pleasure.


Leon Taylor (Olympic diver – silver medallist!)

I have been treated by many practitioners across a range of methods over the years and have been very fortunate to work with many of the best during my sporting career. I tend not to give out many testimonials – I am making an exception here as I really benefited from Anna's treatments. I felt like I'd had all my creases ironed out, I was moving with ease and felt superb. Give it a try - it's definitely worth it.


Cristobal, Belgravia (finance whizz)

Anna was really good. Through 10, sometimes slightly uncomfortable, sessions, she was able to take away some neck pain I had, as well as really help me improve my posture. The before and after pictures we took really showed a remarkable difference; the results were outstanding and lasting. Would definitely recommend her!


Scott, Notting Hill (lawyer)

I really enjoyed my sessions with Anna! I went in with an open mind, looking to address some long-standing emotional anxiety issues, and I can honestly say I feel like a different person! I feel much calmer and more present, which together with all the other work I had been doing, was very complementary and cathartic. I found Anna to be delightful, fun and very open to talk to! I instantly developed rapport with her, and really laughed my way through all the deep sessions we did. I would really recommend Anna to anyone who is looking to change something about their life. As they say on the Nike ad: just do it!


Marc, Guernsey (world changer)

I have to say that Anna has had a wonderful impact on my life. I was suffering recurring pain as a result of years of bad posture. That pain has now gone and I feel in better shape than ever. I can't thank her enough.


Josh, California (model)

Anna has a special talent and informed touch with her hands. She is as good or better than Rolfers that have been practising for years. Over the last 6 years I have seen many Rolfers around the world and her touch is special. She was able to fix what other Rolfers were not and give me a lasting length. Next time I am in England I will make sure I get a top-up session or two from her.


Marc, (head personal trainer at the light centre)

I came to Anna for help with improving my mobility and flexibility when training and to assist in reducing compression in my lower back.  I have found that my movement and flexibility have improved - this was pretty immediate and has continued to progress through my sessions. My general posture has improved, as has recurrent tightness in my lower back. Anna's been a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending her to my clients.


Marenka, Spitalfields (artist)

My back and neck ache go back to when I was a child gymnast. I learned to live with it as something that’s just always there. But meeting Anna and her Rolfing technique has changed this completely. I've gained a sense of space in my body. I feel light in my back and neck now, and much taller. Rolfing has been a revelation, something I strongly recommend anyone with chronic muscle pain. And even though I wouldn't say Rolfing is relaxing, Anna’s warm and friendly character makes you feel completely at ease during sessions.


Duncan, South Benfleet (credit analyst)

At first, I wondered if anything was happening, then I began to notice that, without conscious effort, I was carrying myself like a fit young person does, rather than the worn-down look that I had evolved into. By the end, I was noticing a big difference in the way people were treating me - actually listening to what I was saying rather than cutting across my conversation. Even after the last lesson, I noticed continuing improvements to the balance I have in carrying my head on top of my body, instead of always just in front.


Adrian, Walthamstow (yoga teacher and golfing geek)

I have been singing your praises to all of my classes. Why? I can now lift my arms straight in up front of me further than I can remember. Amazing. Golf went well, didn't miss a fairway until the 16th! I hope everything works out brilliantly for you. I know it will; one, because I am now a big fan of Rolfing; and, two, because not only are you an extremely good practitioner but because you have a fabulous personality and manner about you. I will continue to recommend you to any and all of my clients with 100% confidence.


Julie, Buckhurst Hill (trader)

Halfway through and no more pain! Whilst my head is struggling to understand how five hours of treatment can have such a profound effect, my body is responding positively & with relish. The most significant benefit I have experienced is a marked improvement in my arthritic hip, where I have had an almost constant low-level ache for about four years now. Session three resulted in a notable change and the ache has gone from an almost constant niggle to just an occasional twinge.


Jayne, Chiswick (hair stylist)

I don’t know what you do or how you do it, but I can say that I floated out of the room after my session, feeling very rejuvenated – love it!


Mark, (naturopath, osteopath, & principal of the light centre)

As an Osteopath, I believe Rolfing can be an effective tool for breaking down the adhesions and muscle patterns that create asymmetries and biomechanical inefficiencies. Anna's Rolf Method work is thus an ideal accompaniment to my own work.


Desirée, Hawaii (consultant)

Anna, please accept this little something I made for you as a token of my sincere appreciation for the work you did with me. 


Neil, Pimlico (massage therapist)

Anna has a lovely way of making you feel relaxed. I enjoyed my ten sessions and would certainly recommend her to other people.

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