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5 countries, 2 weeks, 1 happy bunny....

2018 has treated me pretty well so far. Lots of clients to see in London, then my escape to the sunshine fast came around. I went from sub-zero temps to 45C in 24 hours, which was most welcome. It took a couple of days to thaw through, but I have remained warm ish ever since.

As a tennis fan, I have now completed my 'viewing' Grand Slam. I have to say, I really liked Melbourne; both the city and the way the tournament was structured. And the fact that the 15 minute walk from court to town was far easier and far nicer than the 20 minute slog up the hill to Southfields tube station from SW19. Plus I got to meet and chat to a few players, some of whom I had no clue who they were, as I'm not that good at recognising famous people, even when they are standing right in front of my nose. There were some cracking matches and it made me want to get back on court. Any power hitters out there for me? I just need to get my hands on the top boys who keep getting injured and secure myself as Tennis' Number 1 Rolf Helper! If any of you have Andy Murray's phone number hiding in your address book, and have neglected to tell me, then now is the chance to redeem yourself. You will be promoted to Most Favourite Client with immediate effect.

My 'rest days' were up on the Gold Coast, and, I couldn't just sit still for half a second, so off I went, exploring, walking, pretending I could surf - and wore out my poorly foot in the process. Oops. I hobbled off back to Asia and have just spent the briefest of visits working with clients in KL - and knocked out 18 hours of sessions in 2-and-a-bit days - before arriving at the Spa today. First job - book in to see the TCM specialist. Not sure this is how Visiting Practitioners are supposed to arrive, in need of help from colleagues on day one...

Kamalaya is in a beautiful setting and the food is delicious - I'd forgotten how good it was. I don't know what I'm going to do when the inevitable happens and I have to come home - most probably starve through a combination of grief and culinary incompetence. We had a Danish pop star entertain us this evening before dinner (apparently he is well known) and I have already met some truly wonderful and interesting people.

Thank you for the continuing influx of 'love notes', both directly to me, and via google; I am getting them posted up bit by bit, so do keep them coming, if they are still on your 'to do' list. I am always flattered by your continued endorsements to friends and family; it means a lot to me and I am truly grateful. Word of mouth is always the nicest way to both give and receive recommendations.

With (very) warm wishes from a little slice of paradise xx

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